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The Southern Escalation Committee Statement

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The Southern Escalation Committee Statement
We are all aware that at this stage we have followed the hardship and the suffering of the people in the form of deliberate successive contrived crises by the legitimate government of Bin Dagher which is distancing its self from the cries of the people of the south.
The deliberate halting of the functioning of the services in the South which led to the deterioration of living conditions and deteriorating basic services starting with the lack of providing electricity or power recourses, water and sanitation, health care, to not paying the wages of the civil servants ,military personnel and the army as well as the deliberate fabrication of the fuel crises.
The situation got to the point where the government went to an extent to inciting rebellion and distorting the role of the Arab coalition in particular the UAE in the fight against terrorism by launching campaigns them.
Therefore and for the above reasons, the people of the south have called on the southern entity and its components to stand against the arrogance of this corrupt government and rouse the people of the South, for the following escalatory steps:
1. The peaceful confrontation of all acts of corruption that are harmful to the interests of the national community and people is considered legitimate.
2. It is a legitimate right for our people to do whatever it takes in fighting for their rights in having a peaceful decent life as those of the rest of the world. People have right to choose a new government that works for them and for improving their life. This can be achieved by organising popular escalatory steps against the corrupt government.
3. We call on the southern people to actively participate in the escalation program starting from Friday the 3rd of November 2017 in ‘ Al Shadi Al Gunaidi Square’ in Crater –Aden , known as ‘ the Banks Square ‘.
Statement issued by the Southern Popular Escalation Committee -Aden
31st October 2017

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