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The Southern Journalists Syndicate checks on health of journalist Farid Sohbi

The head of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate, Aidroos Bahashwan, on Thursday afternoon visited the national activist and distinguished journalist Farid Abdo Sohbi, who is lying sick in his home in Crater in the capital, Aden.

During the visit, in which he was accompanied by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Syndicate, Nasr Bagharib, Dr. Yasser Baazab, Head of the Training and Qualification Department, and Ali Al-Sayqal, Deputy Head of the Organizational Department, Captain Bahashwan was briefed on the health condition of the activist and journalist Farid, the former editor-in-chief of the government newspaper October 14, following his transfer from the hospital to his house.

Captain Bahashwan and his companions confirmed to Al-Sohbi’s son that his father is a pioneer of the liberation struggle and a symbol of science, knowledge, and noble crafts in the field of education, journalism, and patriotism, in which this visit is a tribute and gratitude from his students, who are hundreds in Aden and outside the country, asking Allh Almighty to include him in care and kindness.

Captain Bahashwan presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate to the great journalist Farid Sohbi

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