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The Southern Journalists Syndicate organizes a memorial event for the deceased media and radio figure, Ali Al-Saqqaf

The Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate and its branch in the capital, Aden, on Monday, organized a memorial event for the deceased media and radio figure, Ali Abdullah Al-Saqqaf, with the participation of colleagues and work comrades of the deceased, and the presence of his family and a group of journalists and media members.

At the beginning of the event, the head of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate, Mr. Aidaroos Bahashwan, spoke about the media roles that were distinguished by the deceased southern media broadcaster, Ali Al-Saqqaf.

Bahashwan said that the late journalist Al-Saqqaf was unique in his distinguished media skills through which he was able to simulate and convey the reality of citizens and their living concerns over the radio.

Bahashwan added that the deceased journalist Ali Al-Saqqaf was able, through his programs to discuss many issues and problems related to the lives of citizens in the capital, Aden, and the southern governorates, and he was able to achieve popularity, great public interaction, and deliver a successful media message.

In turn, Abdul Karim Al-Shaabi, Head of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate council branch in the capital, Aden, spoke about the importance of the memorial event for the deceased journalist and broadcaster, Ali Abdullah Al-Saqqaf in which he was an example of a southern media voice defending the issues and concerns of the oppressed in the South.
Al-Shaabi pointed out that Al-Saqqaf was an indefatigable journalist who devoted himself on the radio to defending the rights and issues of the oppressed who had been tampered with by corruption.

In turn, Mohammed Al-Amoudi, Vice President of the Aden Independent TV Channel Authority and Hona Aden Radio, spoke about the extent of the loss of the southern media with the passing of the deceased radio personality Ali Al-Saqqaf, pointing out that the late deceased enjoyed the love and respect of the radio and TV staff and was widely respected.
Al-Amoudi said that Al-Saqqaf, with his media and radio style, gained a large audience of followers for Hona Aden Radio, and achieved a successful media move on his programs.
In this context, journalist Ahmed Saleh Rabie, a companion and colleague of the late Ali Al-Saqqaf, participated in a speech in which he spoke about the deceased Al-Saqqaf, stressing that the loss and departure of the creative radio staff Ali Al-Saqqaf caused great sadness and emptiness within the courts of Hona Aden Radio, the Aden Independent Channel, and in the southern media community.
Rabie said, “The late journalist Ali Al-Saqqaf was an example of radio work. He was the voice that expressed people’s concerns and fought corruption through radio programs that achieved fame, success, and great public interaction.”

The event witnessed interventions by attendees about the roles of the late southern journalist, Ali Abdullah Al-Saqqaf.

At the conclusion of the event, the head of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate, Mr. Bahashwan, honored the family of the deceased journalist Al-Saqqaf

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