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The Southern National Dialogue Team meets leadership of community committees in the capital, Aden

The Southern National Dialogue Team, headed by Mr. Abdul Salam Qasim Musaad, head of the team, on Monday, met the leadership of the community committees in the capital, Aden, represented by its president, Brigadier General Ali Al-Nimri, and the deputy head of the community committees, Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Al-Shawi.

In the meeting, Musaad welcomed the leadership of the community committees, praising the status that the community committees acquire as a moral authority with great duties among the people, and the necessity of organizing their work and disseminating their successful experiences to other southern governorates.

During the meeting, the dialogue team discussed the outcomes of the southern consultative meeting, during which the Southern National Charter was signed, where the team stressed the importance of everyone assuming national responsibility for what the current stage requires of unifying the southern ranks, and confronting the challenges and systematic campaigns to which the South and its political leadership are exposed.

The dialogue team pointed out the political, economic, cultural, social and strategic status that the capital Aden enjoys, which requires the community to play its hoped-for role in strengthening national cohesion and maintaining social peace.

The meeting called on to clarify many issues for the people in light of the systematic campaign against the Transitional Council and its leaders, which targets its liberation project, taking advantage of the economic crisis and the difficult living conditions that our people suffer from today.

The dialogue team listened from the leadership of the community committees about the difficulties and obstacles facing their work, and the nature of their national duties of solving people’s social problems within residential neighborhoods, counting the number of families, as well as counting the displaced, and assisting relief organizations operating in the country, in addition to paying attention to the affairs of residential neighborhoods from various areas and aspects such as health, security, education, and hygiene, and through their continuous communication with the authorities, local leaders, and security agencies, to alleviate people’s living conditions and restore security and public tranquility in the capital, Aden.

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