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The Southern Transitional Council Appreciates the Statement of the Arab Ally Countries and Asserts His Commitment with Peaceful Methods for Demanding the Government Dismissal

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] The southern transitional council appreciated the statement issued by the Arab Ally countries, under commandership of Saudi Arabia, and their calls for cool down of public escalations in Adan against governmental disorder. The council also praised their efforts in that respect.
The council confirms to all countries of the Arab Ally and his Excellency, president Hady, that he is fully committed in peaceful pursuit of his demands concerning the dismissal of the government and treating all disorders in all ministries and governorates that had negative effects on providing citizens with their daily life demands. The council also confirms his full commitment with the partnership in fighting terrorism and ending the coup through confronting Al-Houthi militias, supported by Iran, and liberating the rest of the lands under its occupation.
The council confirms that today’s demonstrations were peaceful and asserts his avoidance of any military clashes in the south and avoiding any harm against any of the state’s facilities. The council is confident that the Arab Ally will use all his potentials to radically solve all disorders in response to the people’s demands and to protect the achieved victories.
The council also confirms his positive interaction and full response to the good deeds of the Arab Ally countries, under commandership of Saudi Arabia, to solve the current crisis and calls for all parties to maintain peace and talks as a tool for ratifying any disorders.

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