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The start of the training year for the security services in Al-Dhalea

The security services in Al Dhalea Governorate, on Monday, witnessed the launch of the activities of the training and combat year for the year 2024, in the presence of the head of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in the governorate, Brigadier General Abdullah Mahdi.

Symbolic units from the governorate’s security administration participated in the activities, including public security units, patrol police, road security, traffic police, units from the Security Belt forces, and emergency forces.
Brigadier General Mahdi urged the security forces to pay attention to training and rehabilitation programs and improve the performance of the Security Belt forces and police units, to maintain security and stability.

In the event, Brigadier General Ahmed Qaid Al-Qubba, Director General of Al-Dhalea Governorate Police, Commander of the Security Belt Forces, confirmed the continuation of training programs to enable the Security Belt Forces and the police to be fully prepared to impose law and order.

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