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The STC’s National Assembly Organizes Political Lecture on Ambitions Towards the South and Impact of International Crises on its Cause

The National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) organized, on Wednesday, an awareness-raising political lecture entitled “Ambitions Towards the South and the Impact of the International Crises on its Cause” in the presence of Dr. Anis Luqman, deputy chairman of the Assembly, a number of heads and deputies of committees, and staff of the National Assembly.

The historian and researcher, Mr. Najmi Abdul-Majid, head of the Aden branch of the Union of Writers and Artists of the South, delivered a talk on several political subjects related to the upcoming arrangements for the region, highlighting certain regional forces involved in the current political addition to military issues and international ambitions that seek to turn the capital Aden into a military base to control al-Mandab strait.

Furthermore, Mr. Najmi gave a detailed explanation of the current political situation in the entire region, which negatively affects the capital, Aden, in particular, and the South in general.

At the end of the lecture, the discussion was thrown open for the attendees, who made interventions and raised highly enlightening remarks on what was presented, stressing the importance of vigilance and unification of the southern ranks to confront all those negative ambitions that beset the South.

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