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The Supreme Committee of All Hadhramaut Conference: Ben Doghr’s visit did not fulfill the demands of the conference

[su_label type=”info”]Hadhramaut – SAMA NEWS [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] In astatement issued after extraordinary meeting headed by Shiekh Amr Ali Ben Hebreesh Al-Alby and recently held in Al-Makla, The Supreme Committee of All Hadhramaut Conference indicated that the visit of prime minister Ahmed Ben Doghr to Hadhramaut did not fulfill the demands of the conference. The statement indicated that the governorate lack security in all its directorates and military forces are unable to stop killing and kidnapping incidents. In the main time, the government ignores the rights and budgets of the governorate, in addition to its shares of oil revenues and Al-Wadea Customs Office revenues, that may help in securing all areas and developing the governorate into an independent territory. The statement praised the efforts of local authorities and assured it full support for these efforts. The statement indicated that the call for this extraordinary meeting was a response to face current situation and listed the following points as rightful demands:

• Securing all areas from terrorist and criminal attacks in addition to paying military and police forces’ salaries
• Providing Hadhramaut with at least 50% of oil revenues from Petro-Mesila company
• Providing Hadhramaut with its needs of oil extracts that cover at least three months and stopping all decisions that affect citizens lives and Petro-Mesila should provide electricity and water associations with their oil needs.
• Al-Wadeia Customs office should be under full authority of Hadhramaut and all its revenues should return to its treasury and its security is the responsibility of Hadhramaut Police Force of Elite Forces of Hadhramaut. In addition, Al-Raian Airport should be opened to international navigation
The statement indicated also the importance of activating all decisions concerning Al-Wady University, Saioun Hospital and other demands. The supreme committee assdigned a delegation to meet President Hady, the Arab Allies represented in Saudi Arabia and UAE, UN delegate and ambassadors of USE and EU to deliver them a memorandum of urgent demands.

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