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UAE supports charitable bakeries to alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy

The support of the UAE Red Crescent Authority is not limited to providing aid to Yemeni citizens directly, but extends beyond it to include support and assistance to charitable organizations to continue their humanitarian services during the month of Ramadan.

The Emirates Red Crescent recently launched the first phase of a campaign to support charitable bakeries in 3 districts in Hadhramaut Governorate, under the patronage of the Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, in coordination with the Office of Industry and Trade, and in cooperation with the Hadhramaut Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The campaign aims to provide the necessary support to charitable bakeries in the districts of Al-Mukalla, Al-Shahr, and Ghail Bawazir. To enhance food security and meet the needs of the local population, as part of the ongoing efforts of the Emirates Red Crescent to provide humanitarian and development assistance to needy families in the governorate.

Supporting charitable bakeries in Hadhramaut includes providing them with the necessary flour to provide “necessary sustenance” bread to citizens at very low and symbolic prices, which relieves the Yemenis of some of the harsh living conditions.

The campaign includes supporting 5 bakeries, in the districts of Al-Mukalla, Al-Shahr, and Ghail Bawazir, with a total of 450 bags of flour in two phases, to produce bread in sufficient quantities.

The citizens of Hadhramaut felt the magnitude of the difference made by the charitable bakeries, and this was also felt by the UAE Red Crescent Authority, which did not hesitate to support these bakeries in order to provide citizens with real price differences that would help them face the consequences of deteriorating living in a country torn by war.

The citizens who benefited from the campaign confirmed that the UAE, through its charitable and humanitarian arm – the Red Crescent – embodied the noblest meanings of goodness and giving in the month of generosity, when it gave Yemenis everywhere an opportunity to celebrate the month of Ramadan in abundance, amid difficult living conditions.

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