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Thousands of Southern Citizens Prepare to Mobilize to Adan Next Sunday in Response to the Call for Escalation Released by the Southern Resistance

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In response to the calls of southern transitional council and the time line declared by the the southern resistance to dismiss the corrupt government, intensive preparations are underway in all governorates and directorates of the south to mobilize to Adan next Sunday with the end of the announced time line to dismiss Ben Doghr’s government. In Hadhramaut, the mobilization commission held its meeting headed by Anwar Al-Tamimi, vice chairman of the southern transitional council of Hadhramaut and decided to mobilize to Adan on Saturday January 27th, 2018 to participate in million marshes to overthrow Ben Doghr’s government. The southern resistance forces asserted that they will protect all crowds mobilizing to Adan to overthrow this corrupt government.

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