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Tour Al-Baha Starts Uprising Against the Government

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Tour Al-Baha – Lahj – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Tour Al-Baha, one of the biggest directorates of Lahj, started a public uprising with hundreds of angry protesters marching main streets and yelling with anti-government slogans in protest against high prices, poor services and deterioration of Yemeni Riyal. These protests came in response to the call of the Southern Transitional Council to escalate against corruption of the so-called legitimacy government.
Statement issued by protesters and peaceful marches organized by local leadership of the southern transitional council in Tour Al-Baha asserted the denunciation of hunger, oppressive and humiliation policies through war of services launched by Ben Daghar’s government and its supporters against the south. The statement asserted continuing escalation of the hungry revolution till this government is overthrown. The statement also appreciated the role of the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE in supporting the southern people to liberate their national soil from Al-Houthi/Affash occupation. They also asserted their refusal to the federal state or the six regions project indicating that the ultimate goal is to restore the southern state.
The statement demanded the southern transitional council to move ahead seriously and quickly to stop the absurd corrupt acts of this government and start establishing economic, military and security organizations of the southern state to face the challenges of the south.

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