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TQC Organizes Panel Discussion on Promoting Culture of Dialogue

Training and Qualifying Commission (TQC) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) organized on Sunday a panel discussion on promoting a culture of dialogue and its impact on developing political thought in the presence of Mr. Fadhl Mohammad Al-Gaadi, member of the STC’s Presidium and Deputy Secretary-General.

At the beginning, Mr. Fadhl Al-Gaadi delivered a speech in which he expressed his happiness at participating in this panel discussion, which contributes to promoting the culture of dialogue. What we need these days is the culture of southern national dialogue, and we are in a sensitive stage that requires adhering to the unity of the southern ranks and cohesiveness.

Mr. Al-Gaadi expressed his sincere thanks to the head, deputy, and all members of the Southern National Dialogue Team (SNDT), who made major efforts that culminated with success last May through great efforts that annoyed the opponents of the south, aroused their nerves, and tried to obstruct what was agreed upon.

During his speech, Al-Gaadi called on all southern staff to work with a culture of dialogue during this sensitive situation, hoping that this discussion would come out with recommendations that would be presented to the political leadership and be supportive of new horizons to strengthen the unity of the southern ranks and work towards restoring the state of the South with full sovereignty.

Likewise, Dr. Mona Bashraheel, Head of the TQC, gave a speech in which she welcomed all the participants in this panel discussion, pointing out that the aim of this discussion is to promote the culture of dialogue, as there are many obstacles that must be removed so that our steps in the path of dialogue have to be firm and steady.

Dr. Bashraheel asserted that the South has made many steps and achieved grand success in the path of dialogue by signing the Southern National Charter, which was unanimously agreed upon by the southern components to prove that dialogue is a way of life in the South, wishing them all success and that the panel would come out with many mechanisms of action that contribute to enhancing the culture of dialogue.

Furthermore, Dr. Sanad Saleh Al-Saadi presented a paper with two axes, entitled “Promoting the Culture of Dialogue and its Impact on the Development of Political Thought,” which included two axes: the first was about the culture of dialogue and political maturity, while the second axis was about the ethics of dialogue and political maturity.

At the end of the seminar, the discussion was opened to the participants, who made a range of interventions and remarks related to the paper presented and what was contained therein. It cannot be ignored that the discussion was interspersed with a brainstorming session, through which a set of ideas were presented that influenced the topic of the discussion.

The panel discussion was attended by lawyer Yahya Ghaleb Al-Shuaibi, a member of the STC’s Presidium; Dr. Abdul Salam Qassem, deputy head of the Southern National Dialogue Team (SNDT); and a number of southern social and academic personalities.

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