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UN Notifies Ben Doghr with Termination of His Government’s Financial Powers Due to Corruption

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Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Doghr met UN official today in Al-Maasheek presidential palace who told him directly that the international society and UN are no longer able to support the legitimacy ‎government in the light of its undeniable failure in fulfilling its responsibilities towards the people and paying salaries while the government is still printing billions of cash papers without monetary cover and getting millions of US Dollars as international and regional aids in addition to revenues of‎ oil, customs, and taxes. The international society, including Saudi Arabia, is fully convinced that this‎ failure can never be allowed to continue and the government should stop manipulating these aids‎ through practicing professional, neutral and trustworthy monetary and developmental policies and ‎reconstructing the country in addition to payment of delayed salaries and good use of the state’s revenues and international aids. ‎
Presidential sources asserted that Ben Doghr was disappointed with the UN meeting and tried to convince UN officials that the government paid all salaries of employees in the liberated areas and ‎sent salaries of employees in territories under control of coup forces to them as the government seeks to deal with employees according to national ethics. He also tried to convince them it is not ‎easy for the government legally or logically, to give up its constitutional duties and responsibilities in managing the state’s “scares” resources to UN. ‎
This new international and UN trend towards stripping the government of its absurd powers in stealing the country’s wealth in a scandalous way came after exposing several scandals of this type, the last of which was exposed by former vice president and prime minister Khaled Bahhah, a few days ago when he referred to corruption of 700 billion Rial of oil liquefied revenues and other deals‎ of printing new paper money in Russia in only one year, and may what is still hidden is more scandalous. ‎

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