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Under patronage of President Al-Zubaidi… Honoring distinguished foreign staff at Mohammed bin Zayed Hospital in Al-Dhalea

The administration of Mohammed bin Zayed Surgical Hospital in Al Dhalea Governorate, on Wednesday, organized a ceremony honoring the foreign staff and distinguished medical and nursing staff, under the generous patronage of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council.

Brigadier General Abdullah Mahdi, Head of the Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council in Al Dhalea, praised the efforts made by the management and staff of the Mohammed bin Zayed Surgical Hospital, and the pivotal role of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which continues to provide humanitarian aid to the wounded on the combat fronts and civilians, in light of the difficult circumstances the governorate and the country are going through.

For her part, Ms. Charlotte Belani, Director of the Red Cross Hospital Project, stressed the continuity of development, modernization, and provision of services in the best way, and making the hospital a model of organized work.

In turn, Dr. Samih Hazam, Director of Mohammed bin Zayed Surgical Hospital, considered that this honor is the least that can be given to the foreign and local staff who continue to provide medical services around the clock, stressing that the hospital receives dozens of medical cases daily and provides them with health care with full dedication and sincerity.

The hospital administration reviewed the most prominent achievements achieved during the past year, and the volume of surgical and therapeutic services provided, through a report that included statistics on the number of cases received, whether military or civilian.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, which witnessed many cultural and artistic events, a number of prominent doctors and nurses from the foreign and local medical and nursing staff were honored.

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