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Under patronage of President Al-Zubaidi… The General Secretariat of STC organizes a ceremony honoring southern women activists on occasion of International Women’s Day

The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), represented by the Department of Women and Children, organized on Thursday, in the capital, Aden, a celebration to honor the southern women activists of the glorious October 14 Revolution (the fourth phase), in conjunction with International Women’s Day, March 8, under the generous patronage of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi. , President of the Southern Transitional Council, Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council.

At the beginning of the honoring event, which carried the slogan “Southern women are renewed era to move forward towards restoring the state of the South,” and it was attended by Dr. Suhair Ali Ahmed, head of the Women’s Auxiliary Authority to the Presidency of STC, Dr. Najwa Fadl, advisor to President Al-Zubaidi for women’s affairs, and a number of leaders of the Transitional Council and social figures and feminism, Mr. Fadl Al-Jaadi, member of the Presidency of STC, Secretary-General of the General Secretariat, delivered a speech in which he conveyed the greetings of President Al-Zubaidi, and his congratulations coupled with appreciation for southern women on their international day.

Al-Jaadi expressed his appreciation and pride in the decisive role that southern women played in the October 14 Revolution and in all stages of their struggle, and how they contributed to changing the course of history and were present at all turns, participating in building southern society alongside their fellow men, and creating inspiration that was a source of steadfastness, awareness and culture by noble struggles through fighting for freedom.

The Secretary-General indicated that the Southern Transitional Council pays special attention to women out of belief in their full and undiminished right to participate with men at various levels, and we are convinced of their ability to achieve excellence wherever they are in this position, and we admire the pivotal role that southern women play with steadfastness and courage at all levels.

Al-Jaadi concluded his speech by emphasizing that the Transitional Council places the needs of the southern citizens and their requirements for a decent living at the top of its priorities and is going alongside our people and at the forefront of its ranks to triumph for their cause and their right to live in dignity on their land, and that the moment today calls for serious work to consolidate the values of dialogue, promote the spirit of reconciliation and tolerance, and strengthen the internal front to confront challenges and forces of evil and terrorism, and rallying around the Southern Transitional Council.

The event, which opened with verses from the Holy Quran and the southern national anthem, and a minute’s silence to read Al-Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs of the south, included honoring a number of female activists, as well as singing artistic performances, and a documentary film of the role of the Southern Transitional Council in supporting southern women was also presented, and the event also included presentations of the most prominent topics of the struggle of southern women.

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