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Under Protection of Hadhramauti Elites, the Southern Transitional Council of Al-Makla Opens its Headquarters and Calls for Supports to Mobilize This Afternoon in Celebration of 14th October Revolution

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In celebration of the 54th anniversary of 14th October Revolution, the Southern Transitional Council ‎opened its official headquarters in Hadhramaut’s Capital – Al-Makla. The council called for its supporters to mobilize next to the hypermarket on Tuesday 10th October for the marsh to Al-Salam district, near Ben Kuir Cinema, in celebration of the 14th October and for supporting the Southern Transitional Council and rejecting Ben Doghr’s provocative statements. In a special release for SAMA ‎News, Judge Shaker Mahfouz Bensh, vice chairman of the preparatory commission, indicated that t‎he commission notified members of sub-committees with their tasks as the commission formed several sub-committees including political, organization, mobilization and media, services, financial and ‎other sub-committees. He also indicated that the council decided to initiate two events today in Al-‎Makla and Saioun and arrangements were made to transport citizens from the costal directorates to Al-Makla. He also indicated that all arrangements were made to mibilize citizen to Adan on October 13th 2017 morning to attend the event of 14th October as events will continue till November 3‎‎0th. Furthermore, Bensh indicated that Hadhramauti Elites Forces will secure Al-Makla Event which is‎ considered symbolic although the council is expecting huge crowds in it. Referring to Adan’s events, Bensh indicated that more than 100 buses will transport people from the coast and Hadhramaut‎ to Adan. Chairman of the preparatory commission, Mohamed Bakr Al-Kuthairy, indicated that the ‎celebration of the 54th anniversary of 14th October revolution coincides with the Southern Transitional Council’s opening to its headquarter in Al-Makla and our pursuit to declare the national assembly as a rightful representative of the southern people eager to freedom and independence. He called for all citizens to mobilize in today’s even in preparation to the major event of Adan on October 14th. Her also indicated that we all remember the martyrs of 14th October revolution with glory ‎and we hope quick recovery for our wounded and freedom for our captives. it is a revolution till ‎victory. ‎

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