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United efforts to end the authority of Brotherhood and “Bin Adyo” in Shabwa


The sit-in camp of the citizens of Shabwa that is located in Nisab district, and which demands the dismissal of the Brotherhood’s authority from the governorate, launched a community initiative to unify the efforts of the sons of Shabwa, to defend the province and resolve differences through dialogue.

Nisab camp is an extension of Shabwa tribes meeting, which was held in Al-Watta area in mid-November, at the invitation of the parliamentarian and tribal leader, Awad Mohammed bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, against the background of the betrayal of Bayhan’s handover to the Houthi coup militia and the Brotherhood’s crimes and violations against the people of Shabwa.

The initiative, which was prepared by representatives of civil society organizations, aims to end the current division and unify the efforts of all sons of Shabwa to defend the governorate, liberate Bayhan districts occupied by the Houthi militia, and open a Shabwani fraternal dialogue between all forces and parties in the governorate to resolve all disputes and outstanding problems, and adopt demands and rights of the people of Shabwa, and to preserve the security and stability of the province, and to spare it wars and destruction.

The launch of this initiative from Nisab camp coincides with the state of popular upheaval witnessed by the public street in Shabwa as a result of the security, economic and service deterioration, crimes and violations committed against the tribesmen under the rule of the Brotherhood militia, which handed over Bayhan districts to the Houthi militias without a fight and refused to allow the tribes to move to liberate it.

Protesters of the citizens of Shabwa are preparing to transfer their sit-in to the city of Ataq, the center of the governorate, within the framework of their peaceful escalation due to the central authority’s failure to respond to their demands emanating from the ruthless meeting, which included the dismissal of the Brotherhood’s local authority led by Mohammed Saleh bin Adyo and holding it accountable for its crimes, corruption, betrayal of legitimacy and the Arab coalition and its complicity with the Houthis.

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