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Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council: Our Position is Coherent with Abha Conference Outcomes and What the Countries of the Arab Cooperation Council Agreed on in 1994 indicating the No Union by Force

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During the first meeting of the southern national assembly, Sheikh Hany Ben Brik, vice president of the southern transitional council, indicated that one of the major outcomes of Abha Conference 1994 of Arab Cooperation Council indicated that no union by force and our situation is coherent with this outcome. The following is a brief of Ben Brik’s speech in front of the southern national assembly:
• The southern transitional council is the hope for the free southern people who seeks peace and sacrifices a lot of martyrs’ blood
• This is a historical day as it witnesses the first meeting of the southern national assembly as a first southern parliament since 1990
• All members of the assembly were chosen by acclamation and one day the southern people will choose his representatives through direct election
• Abha Conference 1994 of Arab Cooperation Council indicated that no union by force and our situation is coherent with this outcome
• We face major responsibilities that require full unity of the south in the face of a sneaking enemy that prefers to put the southern decision in other hands.
• As leaders of this nation, we should know well that our southern people entrusted us with major responsibilities and we should bear it ourselves.
• We should never surrender to counter-media. We should never demolish this glorious structure that started with the Historic Adan Declaration when the southern people delegated president Al-Zubaidy to form the southern transitional council.
• By it name, the objective of the southern transitional council is clear to politicians. We are preparing for an upcoming state. This state will exist and strengthen only by devotion and deterring enemy.
• We can be different, but only as family members. We may discuss to understand each other without being a sitting duck to our enemies who show us the merciful face while their true hearts are full of hatred.
• Choosing members of the national assembly was not random. It was done according to specific criteria to avoid corruption and favoritism, as these things are from the nasty past. To build a free impartial state we should keep clean. With favoritism and courtesy, we can never build a state.
• We are establishing a blood partnership with our brothers in the Arab Ally as any state should have allies.
• Even major countries, including the seven and the twenty, have allies. For example, USA have the NATO and despite its massive organizations, it needs allies.
• Our decisions are independent. We are subordinates to no one. We are not like the counter-media tries to frame us.
• We face two projects: the Iranian project and the Arab project. Those who may choose Iran are our enemies and those who may choose the Arabs are our allies.
• Iran uses sectarianism to dismantle the Arab unity. The southern transitional council chose Saudi Arabia, UAE and all nations of the Arab Ally as strategic allies. It is a unity of destiny and a return to normal position that should be since 1967, but international powers at that time forced us to that path according to shares of the socialist and capitalist camps. The international powers imprisoned us in the socialist camp. And let’s be honest to say that Saudi Arabia and gulf states were against that choice.
• Our fate is to correct our fathers’ mistakes. We will blame them no more, but we should correct those mistakes. Our strategic choice is the Arab project against the Iranian one.
• Counter-media shows us as subordinates to other powers. This is not true. Aidarous Al-Zubaidy was chosen only by the southern people and no one forced him to choose any of the members of the presidency. Only loyalty to the southern cause and efficiency are the criteria.
• There may be some people who deserved to be among us today, but they are not here for reasons that can not be discussed now.
• We agree that all members can bear the responsibility, and this is enough as full consensus is impossible for anyone.
• To the members of the assembly I say: you are writing history in this critical stage. In cooperation with the presidency, we should reflect a civilized image about the civilization and awareness of our people.
• Rules and regulations of the national assembly regulate its work, and everyone should recognize its importance
• The national assembly is the core of the southern legislative work. It is a message to the world that the southern people agreed on a council representing their cause under leadership of president Al-Zubaidy.
• Arguments about our southern troops encroached our southern borders. Our answer is clear. Brothers in Saudi Arabia and UAE encroached their borders to support us against the Iranian project and fought for us. Is it logical to say to them are not going to fight for you?
• Military speaking, if Iranian missiles can reach Riyadh, is Adan safe? Blocking the Iranian project secures the south and the whole region.
• Our right in declaring our state is preserved.
• What we hear about partnership and any southern power should deal with the Arab Ally according to guarantees is understood. But such talks are accusations of treason.
• Those who talk about the clear political vision of Muslim Brotherhood that led the Arab Ally to sit with them are shallow minded and politically naïve. It is clear that they are the major element hindering the Ally to advance to Sanaa. Therefore, it is important to sit and talk with them. there is no need to sit and talk with president Al-Zubaidy or one of the other commanders who liberated thousands of kilometers and advanced to Suada.
• There are deliberate acts to charge the atmosphere of the south through media crises. We should understand that very well. Responsibility of the southern media is not solely on the shoulders of media department. Instead, it lies on the shoulders of every southern with a pen and can advocate the cause of his country.
• It is not a matter of shares or personal interests. Today, all national powers are milted in this glorious entity and we should address the world as united southern people.
• To those who ask about the southern military council I say: we don’t need such a council and we will declare a ministry of defense soon.
• Adan is secured by its men and military and security leaders. Shabwa came after Adan and Hadhramaut preceded Shabwa and now Al-Mehra is on the way. Our troops are everywhere.
• Trust in God who never fails seekers of their rights. As members of the southern national assembly, you have massive responsibilities. You should coordinate your work to bear the responsibility our southern people entrusted you with.

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