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Wald AL-Shaikh meets the Yemeni president, Abdrubah Mansour Hady in Al-Riyadh

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On Yesterday morning (Saturday, April, 21th) Asm’ail Wald Al-Shaikh, the special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Yemen met with the Yemeni president AbdrubahMansour Hady, in Riyadth.
Wald Al-Sheikh arrived to Riyadh to discuss the possibility of reviving negotiations.
Previously, Wald Al-Sheikh discussed on Friday, 20th with the Yemeni Foreign Minister, Dr.AbdulMalik Al-Makhlafy how to approaching and forwarding the peaceful process which already started in an attempt to renew the peace efforts which has been failed as a result of Al-Hothi and Saleh’s intolerance, and their rejection to installing the peach efforts.
Wald Al-Shaikh reveals some details of the new initiative to resolve the Yemeni crisis which
will actually start with AL-Hodeida port, Sana’s airport, the salaries crisis, releasing the detainees, and start a new cease-fire followed with a political negotiations.

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