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Weapon of Silence!‎

Mansour Saleh
Mansour Saleh

One of the major problems facing the Southern Transitive Council is that each and every “Facebook activist” wants the council to notify him personally with each and every action taken by the council or its leaders with a daily inventory of what has been ‎done or what is going to be done. If the council does not do so, it will be considered a failure on those activists’ points of view. ‎
Most activists of this kind think that they should agree on the council’s plans and draw its policies in addition to monitoring and evaluating its outcomes. They think that‎ they are the only persons qualified to give directives about how the current stage is ‎to be managed with all its complications. In addition, they are devotedly believing that if the council is not trusting them and not giving them a daily, weekly or even ‎monthly report about its work, then it is a failure and not trustworthy in front of the ‎crowds that delegated it on May 4th 2017. ‎
Most of those who sincerely like the council fall into the traps set by their enemies through media campaigns, with budgets of millions or even billions, that seek to rise doubts and weakening its role under claims of negligence and silence that is considered‎ as failure. ‎
It is clear that most of wicked enemies of the council feel danger and anxiety due to the council’s silence and not declaring all cards to them or their media so as to feel more comfortable about its moves that should be under careful monitoring. This will make easier for their agencies, that are busier with the war on the council than the ‎war on Al-Houthi and Saleh, to deal with the council and penetrate it. This leads them restlessly repeating that this silence is an indicator of failure, as they are eager to the council’s success!‎
Actually, enemies of the southern cause are not used to a southern leader who uses silence as a weapon against them letting them burn in the fire of anxiety. This is how‎ Aidarous Al-Zubaidy, the current president of the southern transitive council, is dealing with them. He acts without talking. He always applies the words of Prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) “Keep your current issues in secret”. He always fights his enemies with shocks, with acts not words, while keeping calmly smiling. ‎
Most of media agencies and activists on social media keep talking about the council and reasons of its silence. Some cunningly ask, while other innocently ask the same question “What did the council do? And what are its plans for the future to face the legitimacy expansion in the south?” They confidently answer that it has nothing to do‎ and the council will soon end as legitimacy expands. ‎
Those who see deeper are astonished with such an answer. Don’t they see how the council and its troops control Adan? Don’t they see how Adan Security Force, loyal to the council, become a recognized ally in the war against terrorism? Don’t they see ‎how these forces control Adan and secure it under very difficult circumstances? ‎
They also wondered about the blindness of such activists who don’t see the establishment of new brigades loyal to the council in Adan, Lahg and Al-Dalea and for the first time it reached Abian through the security belt under commandership of Abdullatif Al-Sayed and Abu Yamama with full jurisdiction to eliminate terrorist militia loyal to vice president Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar, who was forced to eliminate his cover on those terrorist groups. All this led leaders of terrorist groups to move to Al-Baida. Pessimists don’t want to see the council sizing control over Shabwa through the Shabwany‎ Elites Forces after withdrawal of Al-Ahmar’s militias and Al-Qaeda. They don’t want to see the Hadramy Elites Forces with its clear identity. ‎
Those who feel concerned want to push the council to subsidiary clashes instead of ‎working silently. They want to drag the council again to the file of services, including sewers that they used to block when Al-Zubaidy was a governor, electricity blackouts and water supplies. They want to do so that they can find a reason that justifies their claims of failure. ‎
They are concerned because they are fighting a war with Al-Houthi and Efash in addition to their conflict with the Ally while the council is establishing a real army and ‎opinion communication channels with the whole world. They restlessly try to drag the‎ council to failure swamps where they themselves sank before. They keep calling the ‎council a failure. But they are not alone. Even those who are sincere repeat these claims as they are applying the famous saying “Love sometimes kills!”. ‎
The council is working calmly and confidently and of course not all acts are for publishing. In addition, the council is not obliged to file a daily report of its work to anyone, even those who are loyal to it. This is not a political principle and this should ‎be known to all. ‎
In conclusion, the council is obliged to achieve a result that confirms it qualification for the public delegation. But at the same time, it is not obliged to hold a live broadcast of every step leading to this result. ‎

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