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What Changed the Legitimacy’s Mind About Tarek Saleh?

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Follow-ups – ERAM News [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In a recent report, “The Economist” indicated that stillness of battel fronts in Yemen may be because war princes benefit from that situation, especially in the northern territories, known to be strongholds of the Yemeni Reform Party, where human aids and weapons provided by the Arab Ally are sold everywhere. What was said by the British magazine, was also hinted to by “New York Times” that indicated that “Mareb” may be the only governorate that benefits from the situation in Yemen.
“The Economist” described that situation by the famous proverb “Someone’s Disaster is another one’s Benefit”. But Yemeni analysis and resources think that this situation is the result of a deliberate path taken by the reform party since the beginning of the war with Al-Houthi, according to the party agenda that is far from seeking a decisive victory over Al-Houthi militias loyal to Iran.
In a recent tweet, Fahad Al-Shelimy, a Kuwaiti analyst, described the reform party as “pragmatic and divided among Qatar, the Legitimacy and, secretly, Al-Houthi. It can’t be trusted, and it is a loser bit”.
Efforts of the reform party for exhausting any efforts by the Arab Ally to gather Yemeni separate parties together towards the goal of fighting Al-Houthi militias is very clear now in a media campaign against brigadier Tarek Saleh, nephew of the late Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, to block the road in front of his trials to add any momentum to the war against Al-Houthi.
One of the party’s activists said: “As a political party of a considerable weight on the Yemeni street, we condemn the protection of members of the conference party who escaped from Sanaa as they are loyal to Al-Houthi. We sacrificed martyrs in the revolution of youth to get rid of the conference domination and today they are being brought to the front at our expense”.
Yemeni sources explained this campaign against brigadier Tarek Saleh as a try to nail any possible partner for the ally that may affect the position of the reform party as an active part of the Yemeni political equation, even if this is for the good of battel against Al-Houthi militias, now isolated in Sanaa.
The campaign reached its peak through igniting dispute between Tarek Saleh and southern politicians to the block the road towards any ally that may unite Yemeni powers, in a very narrow self-benefiting view that keeps party benefits at the expense of the whole nation, according to Yemeni activists.
In a tweet on tweeter, Fahad Daibajy, a Saudi political writer and analyst, said: “News assert that some leaders of the reform party, the first supporter of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, supported by Qatar, are still working with all means to get rid of the conference party, the political party of Saleh. The aim is to get rid of the political party that dominated the political scene in Yemen for too long. The second aim is to take revenge of the party that allowed robot plans to kill some of their loyal members, while the third aim is to clear the space for Al-Houthi, with his Iranian loyalty, and Muslim Brotherhood, with their Qatari loyalty, to control Yemen.
Away from media campaigns, party members use their positions in the legitimacy government to pass the brotherhood agenda through controlling the decisions and directives of president Hady and his prime minister Ahmed Ben Doghr, with invisible support of vice president Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who is very close to the party.
As a comment on that, Yemeni sources refer to statements issued by Yemeni official recently, that were indirectly attacking brigadier Tarek Saleh without any reason, especially as the same officials were accepting Saleh’s supporters warmly and considered them as good effort against Al-Houthi, just a few days ago.
Hussain Hanshy, director of Adan Center for Strategic Research, explained that change as a reflection of the power of reform party as he said: “vice president is loyal to the reform party. Abdullah Al-Olaimy, director of Hady’s office, is a young Muslim brotherhood member and loyal to the reform party. The party is the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood and runs the battel according to the interest of the brotherhood not the state”.

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