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Wide security campaign to close markets and gathering areas in the capital Aden

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Security source confirmed starting intensive preparations for a broad security campaign aimed at imposing the closure of public markets, gathering areas and parks during the next few days.

The security source vowed to those in charge of the markets that were not closed, especially the Qat markets, of the legal issue and the closure by force during the campaign.

The source pointed out that the security leadership started developing a broad security plan in which various security formations from the security department, backup and support forces, and the security belt will participate, and with military participation, with the aim of imposing two-week closure case to combat emerging Corona virus epidemic.

The source said: “We will take all security measures in order to combat the Corona virus epidemic, and if necessary, the use of security force, the issue is very dangerous, according to the directions of the political leadership.”

The source called on citizens and those in charge of markets and areas of various gatherings, such as parks, hotels, popular markets and others, to comply with the circulars issued by the local authorities, the government, and the security services.

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