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With Attendance of Sheikh Saleh Ben Farid Al-Awlaky, Tribal Leaders of Ba Kazam Meet UAE Military Commanders in Belhaf

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Tribal leaders of BA Kazam in Al-Mahfed and Ahwar met military commanders of UAE armed forces in Belhaf with attendance of Sheikh Saleh Ben Farid Al-Awlaky, member of the presidency of the southern transitional council. The meeting came in response to the calls of Ba Kazam leaders for the Arab Coalition to consider their neglected territories through discussing problems of the two directorates that hinder security and stabilities of Al-Mahfed and Ahwar. The meeting discussed poor services and life support in the areas and UAE commanders showed their preliminary approval for these rightful demands for supporting security according to the nature and singularity of the territory. Hasan Nasr Al-Kazamy, a tribal leader, indicated that the meeting praised the efforts of the Arab Coalition, especially UAE, for its positive role in supporting security and liberation of the southern territories from occupation in addition to their anti-terrorism efforts through supporting security forces. He added that human aids efforts of the coalition are undeniable. Al-Kazamy also indicated that Ba Kazam territories are part of the south that can never be separated as their goal is to achieve the southern dream of liberation and independence. He also indicated that cooperation with UAE indicates the deep relations between the two peoples in UAE and the Arab South.

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