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With Emirati funding…The opening of two buildings in Aden Security

Major General Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, Director of Security of the Capital Aden, on Monday, during his opening of two sections of the central buildings of Aden Security Administration, praised the efforts of the brothers in the United Arab Emirates and their generous support for Aden’s security.

Al-Shuaibi praised the keenness of the UAE development and relief arms to rehabilitate and furnish the centers, buildings and offices of the security administration of the capital, Aden.

The Director of Security of the Capital Aden opened Buildings A and B, which contain a number of administrative offices, after their rehabilitation with support from the United Arab Emirates. He inspected them to see the rehabilitation work and the nature of the equipment, which included 25 computers and 10 modern printing machines, as part of the Emirati project to rehabilitate security capabilities.

He said that the UAE efforts are increasing security capabilities and will have a positive impact that will reduce the level of crime and lead to a better security readiness.

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