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With the Beginning of Al-Faisal Operation, Spokesman of the Second Military Zone: There is no Place for Terrorism in Hadhramaut and Hadhramaut’s Elites are Doing Historic and Heroic Deeds in Chasing Terrorists west of Al-Makla

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Hadhramaut – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Official spokesman of the second military zone, Hesham Al-Gabery, indicated that Hadhramaut Elites Forces started Al-Faisal operation in Wady Al-Musainy, west of Al-Makla, to clear off the rest of the valley from Al-Qaeda terrorists who used the valley as their stronghold. The second military zone launched the operation with backup of the Arab Coalition to eliminate all terrorist elements from Wady Al-Musainy. The operation strated after several days of sieging Wady Al-Musainy and establishing security posts on its exists and major roads leading to it. The operation is performed on several axes as the forces broke into the valley after establishing barracks to arrest any escaping terrorists. The operation came to spread the state’s authority over its soli and to fight terrorists to restore security and stability of Hadhramaut. Commandership of the second military zone assert that there is no place for terrorists in Hadhramaut and Hadhramaut’s Elites are doing heroic deeds in chasing terrorists west of Al-Makla.

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