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With UAE Support, 68 Injured Persons of the West Coast Front Evacuated for Treatment in Egypt

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Office for injured affairs in the west coast front evacuated 68 injured of brigades of Southern Giants and Tehamy Resistance for treatment in Egyptian hospitals at the expense of UAE. Injured persons left on two batches on Thursday and Friday. Hussain Al-Saady, evacuation supervisor of the office for injured affairs in the west coast, indicated that UAE is sincerely concerned with injured in Yemen in general, and especially injured of the west coast front, under commandership of Abu Zaraa Al-Mahramy. He added that evacuation is regular and coordinated according to tasks assigned for the office as 48 injured were evacuated last Thursday and 20 injured were evacuated on Friday. He also indicated that the office is working on evacuating injured for treatment according to their conditions. Al-Saady thanked Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rukaimy, chairman of the office, for his sincere efforts in serving those who sacrifice their lives fighting Al-Houthi Iranian militias in Al-Hodeida and all other fronts. Commissioners of the Giants brigades, (20) infantry and Tehamy resistance expressed their gratitude for UAE for being concerned with the injured and their welfare and evacuating them for treatment in Egypt and India. It is noteworthy that nearly 1500 injured were evacuated to Egypt and India for treatment during the past five months at the expense of UAE.

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