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Yemeni Government’s Violations of Truce with the Southern Transitional Council in a Week

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive – Amin Ahmed Al-Shuaiby [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Southern forces (security belt and resistance) stoped its advance by the gates of Maasheek on the dawn of Monday Jnuary 30th, 2018. After controlling all districts of Adan and putting the presidential palace under siege to overthrow the corrupt government that lived on the southern bloods, southern forces stopped, in response to calls of the commandership of the Arab Coalition in Adan, and its promises to the southern transitional council, as a representative of the southern people, to dismiss this government and empower the council to run the south. A truce was signed between the council, as a representative of the southern people, and the Yemeni government, as a representative of the legitimate president, Mr. Abd Rabu Mansour Hady. Terms of this truce clearly indicate that both parties stop media campaigns, accusations and criticism against each other to prevent stress that may lead to renewing fights, and any party who violates the truce with provocative acts should bear the responsibility of his acts as the Arab Coalition will stand against such acts.
Accordingly, the southern transitional council directed his troops to return to its barracks surrendering the camps they previously controlled to the commission agreed-upon by the Arab Coalition. He also directed all his leaders and media men to stop all types of media campaigns against the government and they responded positively to such directives.
In return, with the Yemeni government feeling its close dismissal, as the truce was meant to give President Hady time to replace it, it started from the first moment, to violate terms of truce. These violations include:
1. Ministry of interior affairs (mostly of Al-Mekhlafy’s family) issued a statement from its residence in one of Riyadh’s hotels to condemn the southern transitional council and southern resistance, the only victors in the war against Al-Houthi militias in the south and north, naming them as coup forces. This was a provocative act who rose the anger of martyrs’ families as it didn’t respect their sacrifices in the south, west coast, Al-Bakaa and Al-Gouf. Those sacrifices that provided this runaway government with the right to live three years ago.
2. Minister of interior affairs issued a racial decree allocating monetary compensations for families of his killed forces that assaulted peaceful southern citizens and killed them, ignoring martyrs of the southern resistance and security belt forces who were killed by his troops guns. The decree was published through the Sabaa News, the official media agency of the government.
3. Minister of interior affairs promoted Al-Awban, a former security belt commander who was dismissed because of his assaults against peaceful citizens who came from Shabwa to Adan during the demonstrations, to be commander of special forces in Abian. This is not only a violation of truce but also a provocative act that may unleash the anger of southern people.
4. Minister of foreign affairs sent a letter to the United Nations and other international organizations demanding to include the southern transitional council, the representative of the southern people, in the list of those who hinder decisions of the UN Security Council. This proves that this runaway government lacks political vision and exhausted the countries of Arab Coalition for three years now without achieving any victory or even serve the people in the liberated territories.
5. Prime minister Ahmed Ben Daghar issued a provocative statement on Wednesday February 7th, 2018, saying that what happened in Adan last week was a coup and a mutiny against the government and it is now ended. In addition, he said that the government will continue its work for maintaining the state and fighting those who seek division by all means, in a clear reference to his willingness and readiness to renew clashes again.
6. Minister of interior affairs sent armed men to break into the headquarters of Adan 24, a newspaper that supports the southern resistance and the transitional council, and to robe its properties and terrorize its employees twice.
7. Mohamed Ali Al-Makdeshy, chancellor of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, issued a fiery statement from Mareb saying that the military institution is ready for defending national benefits against any groups or projects that don’t serve the country in Adan or anywhere else, in a clear reference to the readiness of the army in Mareb to declare war against the south
8. Salal Al-Saiady, a northern minister, appeared on Adan shores bragging in a voice statement that the government regained control over Adan and defeated coup separatists, according to his words.
9. Rajeh Bady, official spokesman of the government, in all his interviews with Arabic TV Channels, attacks the southern transitional council accusing it with loyalty to Iran. He asserted that the government defeated separatist coup in a provocative speech to lead the southern resistance and southern public opinion to declare war.
10. Dr. Mohamed Maram, ambassador of Yemen in Cairo, in his interview with Balquees TV Channel, related to Muslim Brotherhood, accused UAE, the second biggest country of the Arab Coalition, with supporting coup forces in Adan to overthrow the government, just as it supported coup against Mursy’s legitimacy in Egypt, without respecting being on Egyptian soli.
11. According to several sources, Minister Al-Mesiry, distributes weapons and deploys thugs and armed men in Adan, in addition to recalling former northern security men to Adan in preparation to new confrontations intended by the government soon.
12. TV channels loyal to the legitimacy continue its attack of the southern resistance and the transitional council as coup intities loyal to Al-Houthis and Iran. In addition, they make interviews with prominent leaders of Muslim Brotherhood who are in enmity with the Arab Coalition and live in Qatar and Istanbul to accuse the Coalition and the southern people with lies.
Furthermore, there are several violations that couldn’t be observed directly like military preparations and high fences surrounding houses of ministers, like Al-Mesiry, in addition to establishing new barricades around Maasheek and other places in Adan.

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