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Yemeni Prime Minister Returns to Adan

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Dr. Ahmed Obaid Ben Daghar, Prime Minister of Yemen, returned to the southern capital, Adan on Thursday evening. Ahmed Al-Musiry, minister of interior affairs, Ahmed Salmeen, acting governor of Adan, general Ahmed Al-Museby, head of national security department, General Abdu Huzaify, head of political security department, Abdullah Lamlas, minister of Education, Hussain Ba Salma, Minister of Higher Education, General Saleh Al-Zendany, Deputy Chief of Staff, and deputies of ministries, local authority and military and security commanders received prime minister in Adan International Airport.
In a press release to SABA News, official Yemeni Media Agency, prime minister Ben Daghar indicated that 2018 is the year of great victory for Yemeni Union, ratification of unjust and permanent solutions of national issues, especially the southern cause. He added that this is achieved by restoring legitimacy and defeating coup forces in addition to putting an end to security and service problems in Adan and other liberated governorates.
Ben Daghar indicated that the legitimacy government and Arab Coalition are determined to stop the Iranian project initiated by Al-Houthis and treating all poor conditions of security and services through sustainable and permanent solutions that its effects will be seen very soon. He added that serving citizens is a top priority for the government and stopping civil war is a must and all parties should work hand in hand to stop all this and establish good living conditions for citizens who suffered a lot.
Ben Daghar called for solidarity of all citizens behind the legitimacy represented in president Hady and his national project as a sole solution to save Yemen from war and establish a new union based of justice, equity and governance.
Prime minister condemned ballistic attacks launched by Al-Houthis on Saudi territories and warned about what is happening in the territories occupied by Al-Houthis. He added that these repeated attacks according to orders from Tehran jeopardize the regional international security
Prime minister Ben Daghar thanked the Arab Coalition under commandership of Saudi Arabia, UAE and all other involving countries for their active role and historic support for Yemen and Yemeni people against coup till victory is achieved and their determination to protect Yemen from Iranian ambitions.
Minister of Fisheries, Fahad Kafaen, Minister of Endowments, Ahmed Atia, Minister of Local Administration, Abd Al-Rakeeb Fath, Minister of Legal Affairs, Dr. Nehal Al-Awlaquy, Minister of Tourism, Dr, Mohamed Al-Kebaty, , Minister of Human Rights, Mohamed Askar, State’s Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mohamed Al-Hemiary, general secretary of Ministers’ Council, Hussain Mansour, director of prime minister’s office, Sr, Omar Megally, chairman of the general association for States’ lands and buildings, Anis Ba Hartha, head of general intelligence, brigadier Gaghman Al-Gunaid and other official personnel accompanied prime minister.

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