Al-Rawda defeat Al-Jalaa 3-0 and qualifies for the second round of the late Al-Muraisi championship

Al-Rawda Club won over Al-Jalaa Club 3-0 and qualified to the next round in the match that brought them together on Monday, in the 27th Ramadan Championship of the late Ali Mohsen Al-Muraisi, which is being held by the Youth and Sports Department of the Southern Transitional Council, under the auspices of President Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Southern Transitional Council, and organized by Aden Football Association and supervised by Aden Youth and Sports Office.
Al-Rawdah’s goals were scored by striker Abdul Rahman Khaldoun in the 31st minute, defender Ghassan Safwan in the 75th minute, and substitute Hussein Ali in the 81st minute.
The match was attended by the head of the Youth and Sports Department in the Southern Transitional Council, Moamen Al-Saqqaf and his deputy, Al-Kuraihi Kanaan, in addition to Abdul-Jabbar Salam, the head of the Aden Football Association, and Wijdan Shazly, the director of the Youth and Sports Office in Aden, and Munif Al-Zaghli, the deputy director of Aden Airport, former head of Al-Jalaa sports club.

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