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Southern forces prevent major offensive operation by militia in Hasha

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The units of the southern forces stationed in the fronts east of Hasha district, in Al-Dhali, managed to counter a very large attack operation by the Houthi militias on the locations of the southern forces stationed there.

According to a field source in the Brigades of “Martyr Commander Marwan Al-Ashwi”, that they responded to a violent Houthi attack on Al-Hurra sites, in which various types of weapons were used by the militias excessively, including anti-aircraft and the heavy artillery that supported the militia attack.

Captain Aseel Hizam Abu Al-Yamamah of the southern forces, revealed in an interview with the media center of the Al-Dhali front the objectives behind the recent Houthi escalations in Al-Dhali and their desperate attempts to advance.

The commander of the first battalion in the “Fourth” brigade resistance, said that the militias have brought major reinforcements during the past days with the aim of attacking the southern forces ’locations in Al-Fakher, Al-Jub, and Al-Hasha, in an attempt to impede the progress of the southern forces towards the center of Al-Hasha district and the town of Al-Oud, north of Dhali.

Since several days and the southern forces are in violent battles against the Houthi militias, which are desperately try to defend its last strongholds, along the Al-Dhali border, at the town of Oud and the Hasha district.

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